Tom Braegelmann, Fund Manager

Tom is a co-founder of and Fund Manager at Secured Real Estate Income Strategies, LLC and since September 2011 he has been the Chief Executive Officer and managing member of GCA Equity Partners, LLC. He is an accomplished entrepreneur, fund manager and private lending mentor offering a wealth of experience and knowledge gained during his 30+ year career in real estate investing, commercial construction, land development and private lending. As a native of Central Minnesota, Tom previously served as owner and CEO of a private real estate investment company, with a portfolio comprised of several hundred multi-family apartment units, residential and commercial complexes, and single-family homes. With a passion for facilitating and teaching collaborative real estate investing, Tom donates his time and serves as a well-respected, highly sought after mentor and teacher for a group of more than 400 passive real estate investors around the country. He also founded and hosts a monthly Real Estate Investment Club with over 3000 members in the San Francisco Bay area.