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Publication date of this document: April 4, 2018

We Digitize the Value in Your Home


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Imagine a network where you could monetize the value of some of the equity in your home without having to take on more debt. And imagine if this network could unlock an untapped $29 Trillion sector in the US real estate market with investment tokens that were liquid and tradeable. Best of all, imagine that this network was as easy to use as an app on your smartphone.

This is the idea behind the QUANTM.ONE Network – a Membership based Network built on blockchain technology that facilitates the primary issuance and secondary trading of tokens backed by physical real estate interests. Our vision for QUANTM.ONE Members is to digitize the value in their homes, unlocking the value of their equity without them having to take on more debt, giving Members the opportunity to turn some of their home equity into cash or liquid, tradeable crypto currency, providing a direct on-ramp for them to participate in the token economy.

QUANTM.ONE is designing its technology to enable real estate assets to be tokenized and traded. Our objective is to create investment grade tokens backed by real estate assets as solid as the home you live in. We plan to enable Members around the world to buy into and benefit from previously inaccessible real estate markets.

Access to the QUANTM.ONE Network will only be available to Members via a Membership token. The Membership token will give Members the ability to sell fractions of the equity they have built up in their homes. As the market for securities tokens develops, Members will also be able to purchase and sell investment tokens backed by pools of these fractional real estate interests. These tokens will be tied to identifiable, physical real estate assets that have either been originated or curated by the QUANTM.ONE team. Membership tokens will also act as fuel for these investment transactions.

Computed using a proprietary formula, QUANTM.ONE’s ‘Questimate’ will give Members access to a real-time market estimate of the value of the equity that could be released from their home, payable in US$, crypto, or a combination of both.

Members will be able to buy and sell real estate-backed investment tokens on the QUANTM.ONE Network, giving Members the opportunity to diversify their crypto holdings into tokens backed by a diversified range of physical real estate assets. We will issue investment tokens backed by an ever expanding pool of real estate assets, making the investment token a viable option for people who want to be passive real estate investors and avoid the usual landlord problems of tenants, toilets and trash.

A Tale of Two Families

The Middle aged high-income earners – with significant home equity, they want to take some cash out to invest.

They work full time, have two kids in college and have built significant equity in their home. To help pay their kid’s college tuition and put some more money into their investment portfolio without taking on more debt, they want to find a way to release a portion of their home equity without taking on more debt. How can they use their home’s equity without taking out a Home Equity Line of Credit?

The retired couple who owns their home outright and are planning their legacy

Retired after long and successful careers, this couple owns their home outright. Their equity is “trapped” in their home and they want to free up some of it to go on the vacation they always promised themselves. How can they cash out some of the equity in their home without using a reverse mortgage?

The Problem They Have in Common – How to Release Equity in Their Homes Without Taking on More Debt

In the examples above, taking on more debt is the only method of homeowner financing available. The types of debt can include a home equity line of credit (HELOC) and a reverse mortgage.

The problem is that debt is not always the best solution. Debt can be very expensive. In some cases, it can cost much more than the amount that the house has appreciated. The lender takes little risk – their debt is secured against the property. Most importantly, the debt has to be repaid. A shared equity solution by QUANTM.ONE can provide a much more attractive option.

With its shared equity technologies, QUANTM.ONE will help home owners release the value in their homes without taking on additional debt.

Shared Equity – What’s That?
For our Members, shared equity is like selling a small fraction of their property, except they still live in their home (we don’t become their roommate). As a property owner, you have a number of rights. One of those rights is to grant interests in your property, which includes the right to sell part of the equity in your property. QUANTM.ONE effectively buys a small part of the Member’s home equity in a shared equity transaction. Through the QUANTM.ONE shared equity program, if our Member’s home goes up in value, we share in the gain; if it goes down, we share in the loss. For our Members, sharing in equity is a good way to get immediate value out of their house.

Payment Can Be Made In Fiat Or Crypto
When we buy a fraction of the equity in a Member’s home, it is a purchase of an actual equity stake in the property. We are not lending the Member money – it is not a debt and there are no monthly payments to be made. Since we are purchasing fractional equity in the Member’s home, the money we send does not have to be repaid. We pay the money to the homeowner as one would pay for any goods that are purchased. After receipt of payment, the homeowner will not have to deal with any payments to QUANTM.ONE until they sell their home. At that time, we will collect the agreed percentage in the increase in value of the home.

Members who have been paid for the purchase of their home equity in US dollars can, via the QUANTM.ONE Network, seamlessly transfer some or all of that capital directly into crypto currency.

The QRE Membership Token

QUANTM.ONE’s ‘QRE‘ Membership token will give Members access to the pools of capital that can be used to purchase equity they have built up in their homes. QUANTM.ONE will tokenize these pools of fractional real estate assets, creating tradeable investment tokens. These investment tokens, backed by real estate assets, will be made available to Members looking for a token backed by solid real estate assets which is more predictable and less volatile than technology-based crypto currencies.

Potential investors in the QUANTM.ONE investment tokens will also need to purchase Membership tokens to gain access to the investment token trading facilities on the Network.

Members will have access to the QUANTM.ONE Membership dashboard. This will give members an at-a glance summary of a member’s shared equity transactions, potential investment activity, documentation, ownership records and all reporting.
Tokenization of fractional equity interests in single family homes will turn these types of financial opportunities from exclusive into inclusive and will provide Members with the empowerment, access, and tradability to take part in a previously untapped $29Trillion sector of the US real estate economy.

Our objectives are to:

• Make it easy for homeowners to access the capital to help them unlock the equity value in their homes

• Make it extremely simple for hands-off, or novice crypto investors to participate

• Create a trusted framework for crypto investors to invest into alternative, real estate asset-backed tokens to reduce their exposure to market volatility.

Membership to the Network is a prerequisite for a Member to access information and obtain the financial products offered through QUANTM.ONE. The Membership Token can be used to pay for transaction fees – similar to the fees charged to investors associated with private placement and investment costs. Membership will be available for purchase in any increment.

Features the Membership Network Will Provide:

1. How much is my house worth?
Computed using a proprietary formula, QUANTM.ONE’s ‘Questimate’ will give Network visitors free access to a real time estimated market look at the value of the equity that could be released from their home, payable in US$, crypto or a combination of both. Members are able to get a more detailed house price valuation that they can use to start the application process.

2. Pre-Qualification
Members and non-Members will be able to submit a free online application that will enable the QUANTM.ONE underwriting team to assess the potential for equity release or for other fractional equity products. Applicants will receive a pre-qualification decision that will be made available through the Member’s online dashboard.

3. Formal Offer
Members and non-Members will be able to complete their applications online. Once the transaction has been pre-qualified and the applicant has agreed to proceed, the applicant will need to become a Member and purchase Membership tokens. The Network will then carry out all of the underwriting and third party appraisal processes that are required to present a formal offer to the Member.

4. Completion
Once the formal offer has been created and signed by the Member, the Network’s origination process is completed, the Title is perfected and the funds are placed in escrow. Members purchase additional Membership tokens as the completion fee at which point the transaction is completed and the purchase funds are released to the Member in US$, Membership tokens, the QUANTM.ONE investment tokens, other crypto or a combination of all of these.

Volatility Problems of Crypto Currencies Not Backed by Assets

Even for the primary crypto currencies volatility is a major factor and their value can fluctuate by a significant percentage on a monthly basis or even daily basis. For an investor looking for a predictable investment, this is highly undesirable. QUANTM.ONE, in contrast, will offer an investment token backed by a diversified pool of real estate interests.

Problems with Traditional Real Estate Investing
Real estate investing has always been the game of the rich. The amount of money required to get in on any of these deals has always been limited to those with deep pockets. This so-called ‘country club mentality’ has changed somewhat with the introduction of crowdfunding, real estate investment trusts and other property investment vehicles; however the majority of real estate investment opportunities are still inaccessible to the average investor.

Real estate investors typically face three major challenges:

• The most exciting deals are for insiders only; accessing them requires working through middlemen that are costly, sometimes untrustworthy and who often only operate locally

• A large amount of money is required to participate in the best opportunities.

• Investments are often illiquid and locked up for an indefinite amount of time.

QUANTM.ONE Solves These Problems

QUANTM.ONE will give its Members access to the Network where they can sell fractional interests in the equity in their homes. As the market for investment tokens develops, QUANTM.ONE will be ideally positioned to tokenize pools of these valuable real estate assets so that they can be bought and sold by Members on the Network. The value of each investment token will be based upon identifiable, physical real estate assets and the tokens will have a regularly published net asset value based on the value of the underlying real estate assets.

We expect to mark to market our shared equity assets on a regular basis, and will be audited by independent auditors on an annual basis. This will make the value of our assets under management and other holdings transparent to the whole community.

This investment token will provide a potential solution for Members who are looking for an alternative to the fluctuations of the crypto markets and who want to diversify their investment portfolio into a risk-adjusted token backed by physical real estate.

Members who are homeowners will be offered a unique way of releasing some of the equity that they have built up in their homes without having to take on additional debt and without having to pay back the funds they have raised.

Members that want to release some of the equity value in their homes can be paid in tokens, fiat currency or a combination of both, giving them an opportunity to seamlessly convert some of the value in their home into tradable crypto currency.

Members will be free to spend the funds they have raised on anything they wish. They would also be able to reinvest these proceeds into other tokens, including the QUANTM.ONE investment token, that are available to Members on our Network.

This ability to digitize the value of their home equity and realize the locked-up value in their homes will address a huge problem for Members. Many homeowners want to access to the capital locked up in their homes, but are either unwilling or unable to take on the extra debt that comes hand in hand with traditional equity release solutions. QUANTM.ONE solves this problem for its Members.

Why Haven’t These Problems Been Addressed Before?
Joint equity investing in owner-occupied single-family residences has been going on for a long time, typically through family members of the homebuyer, or by institutions trying to support homeownership in high cost of living areas.

QUANTM.ONE is formalizing for its Members what was previously an informal business by creating a token-based, structured financial framework that enables purchasers to buy and homeowners to sell fractional equity interests in their homes without impacting the owner-occupant.
The Potential Demand for Investment Tokens

Housing represents the one of the largest sectors of the US and world economies. In the US, between 15-18% of GDP is attributed to housing related activities, from employment, consumption, construction and financing. Investing in Single Family Residences (SFR) can represent a compelling investment opportunity. Over time, SFR performance has typically tracked or slightly outperformed inflation, i.e., generating a 4.2% annualized return over the last fifty years. For example, according to U.S. Census figures, the median valued home in the US in 1940 adjusted for inflation (in year 2000 dollars) was $30,600.

Today, the US median home price is $315,200 (as of October 2107), which is approximately $221,000 adjusted for inflation in year 2000 dollars. In addition, most SFR investments, including owner-occupied residences, are generally acquired with some level of mortgage debt, thereby providing financial leverage, which can provide double-digit equity returns to investors.

The Market Opportunity For Shared Equity Financing
For Members of the QUANTM.ONE Network, the market opportunity for a tradeable token linked to a pool of fractional equity interests cannot be underestimated. Within the US, single-family residential housing represents a $29 trillion asset class, and globally, the market size exceeds $170 trillion. During 2017, there was over $2.0 trillion in mortgage financing consummated in the US, divided approximately equally between purchase money loans and re-financing. We believe that nearly a quarter of the mortgage market could benefit from additional equity as part of their financing. The annual US need for equity share financing could be as high as $400 billion.

QUANTM.ONE Network of Funders
Traditionally fractional equity interests as an asset class are illiquid and do not produce cashflow. Tokenizing this asset class is a perfect solution to these issues as the investment token can turn a previously illiquid asset into a liquid asset. The investment tokens may appreciate based on the increase in value of the underlying real estate investment pool. This reduces the need for the tokens to produce cash flow as profit made from the potential appreciation of the investment token can be realized by the sale of the token. The QUANTM.ONE investment tokens are designed to appreciate in parallel with an increase in value of the underlying fractional equity interests.

The US single-family residence market represents a $29Trillion sector in the US real estate economy. By tokenizing these assets and making them freely tradeable, QUANTM.ONE provides retail and institutional investors around the world with access to this valuable, untapped real estate sector without having to change their internal business models or add to their operational costs.
Legal, Regulatory and Compliance

QUANTM.ONE has designed a legal structure to hold the economic interests in the underlying real estate on behalf of the QUANTM.ONE investment token holders. The structure is designed to operate in conformity with all United States securities and taxation regulations.

Compliance and SEC Regulations
QUANTM.ONE will implement a three-layer compliance regime to ensure all US federal and state securities and taxation regulations are strictly adhered to. QUANTM.ONE’s company compliance, AML/KYC and procedures policy will be put together by Scott Anderson, an advisor to QUANTM.ONE, who has a strong background in SEC/FINRA enforcement. Scott is the principal at his Wall Street legal firm of Anderson, P.C. and had served as deputy chief counsel of FINRA in Los Angeles from 2012 to 2015. Previously he prosecuted complex criminal and civil cases for the New York Attorney General’s office, the NY Stock Exchange and FINRA. Along with overseeing the compliance policy of QUANTM.ONE, Scott will advise us on an ongoing basis regarding regulatory compliance matters.

In addition, QUANTM.ONE’s Broker Dealer partner with deep experience in SEC and related compliance matters, North Capital Private Securities will oversee all transactions following the proper regulatory guidelines.

Finally, any regulatory related matters will also be looked at by our company Legal Counsel, Marty Tate, who has deep experience in structured finance and securities matters, SEC reporting, real estate financing as well as blockchain, ICO’s, crowdfunding and related areas. (Please see his bio in this White Paper under “Experienced Management Team and Advisors”).

Our commitment to always ensuring all our actions are in strict compliance with all regulatory guidelines and strictures is reinforced by our main partners in both shared equity transactions and debt finance. QUANTM.ONE’s fractional equity sharing team is one of the most experienced groups in the shared equity transaction space in the United States, with deep expertise of the rules and guidelines for operating in this specialized space. The same applies to the principals at Secured Real Estate Income Strategies, LLC, who have long experience at commercial debt equity financing.

At QUANTM.ONE, we are committed to bringing the highest standards of professionalism and credibility to the security token space.

Revenue Model for
QUANTM.ONE’s revenue model combines a typical 2/20 hedge fund fee structure whereby the QUANTM.ONE management team receive a management fee equivalent to 2% of the investment capital paid to purchase investment tokens, combined with 20% of the profits that the QUANTM.ONE tokens make over and above a pre-determined hurdle rate. 80% of the net profit will be reinvested into the capital pool for the benefit of the security token holders. QUANTM.ONE (or its affiliate) will also receive a portion of the transaction fees which will be payable by the homeowner/homebuyer upon the closing of a financing transaction.

In circumstances where QUANTM.ONE uses third party transaction origination sources, any fees to be paid to such sources would also come from the transactional proceeds, again payable by the homeowner.
Investment Token Net Asset Value Calculation Process

When the investment token process is launched, QUANTM.ONE will calculate and provide the relevant net asset value (NAV) for the investment tokens on a regular basis using a multi-step process which may include:

1. estimated values of each of the real estate assets and investments, including any applicable liabilities. If QUANTM.ONE deems it necessary, individual appraisal reports of the underlying real estate assets will be provided periodically by an independent valuation expert;

2. updates in the price of liquid assets for which third-party market quotes are available,

3. estimates of quarterly accruals, including our operating revenues, expenses and fees.

Our goal is to provide a reasonable estimate of the market value of the underlying real estate investment on a monthly basis. However, as with any real estate valuation, the conclusions reached by our internal accountants will be based on a number of subjective judgments and assumptions about future events that may or may not prove to be correct. The use of different judgments and assumptions would likely result in different estimates of the value of our commercial real estate assets and investments.

Real Estate Asset Valuation Methodology
For purposes of determining the NAV, the valuation method of the single-family homes real estate assets underlying the tokens issued on the Network will be based upon the following assumptions broken down by material property type:

Review most recent third-party appraisal or Broker Price Opinion (BPO)
Factor in Improvement costs
Factor in Value of Comparable Home Sales in the Local Market
Ascertain current third-party appraisal / BPO

We are required to make a number of judgments in applying valuation policies, and different estimates and assumptions in the application of these policies could result in changes to our calculation of NAV. Various assumptions and estimates are used in the calculation of our NAV, including estimates related to asset and liability valuations (or potential impairments). Often these estimates require the use of market data values that may be difficult to assess. Different assumptions in the application of these methods could result in material changes to our NAV. For example, in valuing single family residential properties, we have assumed that this comparable home sales in the area is the single most important factor and given less weight to the local market activity or home sales in general.

Technology and Data Strategy

Our technology development will be led by our Chief Technology Officer, Keith Montgomery, who has an extensive background in blockchain, cybersecurity, project management and system and cloud architecture. Our in-house system and software development will be led by our Lead Project Developer, who has extensive experience in Blockchain technologies.

Our first task will be the creation and implementation of the QRE Membership token.

Our technology team is currently considering a number of blockchain technology options for the QRE Membership token and will make the final selection at a later date.

1. Give user access to our Network to sell equity in their homes

2. Give access to investors that want to buy our investment token which will be backed by pools of real estate equity obtained through our equity release program

3. Act as “gas” and other fees for payment of charges associated with our equity release program

4. Timestamp when the Member purchased the token

5. Keep track of how long the token has been held.

6. Provide for additional benefits to the token holder

7. Pay for the KYC, AML and other necessary vetting involved in buying the Membership tokens and participate as a member in the investment fund.

The core technology development program is currently underway and will involve Blockchain-based tokens that will follow the release of our Membership Token. This will be the development and ultimate implementation of our Network and investment token. The investment token will be backed by fractional real estate assets.

Blockchain-based tokens Following the Release of Our Membership Token.

The investment token will be built using the NEM platform protocols and utilities. Due to the maturity of technology currently available to support an asset backed token, we will be utilizing public & private Blockchain along with off-chain & sidechain technologies.

The public blockchain will allow us to leverage the power of the cryptographic cyber security capabilities, and our private blockchain will allow us to operate more freely within our internal/trusted environment.
Given the nascent nature of Blockchain operating systems and environments, we plan to use NEM. We reserve the right to exchange NEM with more superior technologies, such as EOS, when they become available and stable.

We are leveraging the industry standard Microsoft Azure Cloud and application development environment, which will allow us to provide a stable enterprise development stack. From the mobile application development to the underlying database environment, we are confident in our ability to create a hybrid solution between Blockchain and proven enterprise technology environments.

Our investment token will utilize smart contract/asset technology to:
• Record ownership of the token
• A timestamp of when the token was purchased
• Length of time held
• The original purchase price of the token
• Derive historical “Net Asset Value” (based on the value appreciation or depreciation of the pool of real estate assets to which it’s tied)
• The capacity to update with the most recent NAV
• Provide the Member with the gain in value, or loss in value of the token at the time the token is sold.
• Terms and conditions are encoded in the smart contracts to leverage the cryptographic security to safeguard the information.

Team development approach
QUANTM.ONE will design its Network to perform and scale rapidly in four dimensions:

• Transaction volume
• Geographic markets
• Data capture and analysis
• Registry services

We are leveraging our team’s background in Enterprise Software, Business Intelligence, Cloud, and Security development to create an optimal solution to support a regulated technical environment.

The team we have assembled to do the work are highly regarded in each of their respective areas, and they have proven themselves over the years through successful projects together.

Project Management, Security and Compliance
Having worked in banking and other industries where high security is needed, Keith Montgomery has the experience and expertise to manage large project developments. He will direct the QUANTM.ONE technology effort to ensure adherence to securities regulations and 3rd party audits, per the instructions of our Chief Compliance Officer. In building our system architecture, we will follow NIST protocol and standards and create security layers throughout our technical architecture. A key part of our architecture will rely on micro-containers and enterprise-hardened databases.

As our project progresses, we will keep our stakeholders informed with our design and implementation progress. We believe in a principle called “transparency within the tribe,” which means we share project updates and information that is relevant to our stakeholders.

Analytics and Big Data
Our background in Analytics and Business Intelligence will serve stakeholders by knowing that the enterprise-level software was built with the ability to pull data out to make it useful information.

QUANTM.ONE will be in a position to become an active participant in the Big Data marketplace. As our real estate portfolio grows, the size of our data collection of highly accurate and detailed metrics for the key regional housing markets we operate in will grow too. Our executive team has expertise in creating and delivering data as a service. Data with a high level of precision in the largest regional housing markets in the country could prove to be a valuable high margin revenue source, bringing additional value to QUANTM.ONE.

Experienced Team

QUANTM.ONE’s team comprises highly experienced blockchain, technology, cybersecurity, real estate, finance, big data, sales and marketing professionals. Our Chief Technology Officer, Keith Montgomery, has an extensive background in blockchain technologies, cybersecurity, project management and system and cloud architecture. Our real estate fund management team has decades of experience and has syndicated over $500M in commercial debt and fractional equity transactions in the past five years. Real Estate Debt and Fractional equity investing are nuanced, specialist businesses and there are few people that have any significant knowledge, understanding or experience in both these fields.

The combination of blockchain technology and real estate fund management experience is QUANTM.ONE’s critical advantage.

Management Team

Matthew Sullivan, Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Matthew is the co-founder of the $50m Secured Real Estate Income Strategies Fund, and president and founder of Crowdventure, LLC, a real estate crowdfunding company. Matthew is a serial entrepreneur, author and host of the Hooked On Startups podcast. He worked with Richard Branson’s Corporate Finance Team in the Virgin Group for six years and was a director and trustee of Virgin’s London Air Ambulance. Matthew went to Westminster School in London, UK and studied Law at Birmingham University before pursuing a career in finance and stockbroking, specializing in the South East Asian markets. In 1997 he founded Europe’s first internet billing application service provider. Since then he has founded and led companies in the United Kingdom, India, Australia and the United States in the finance, telecommunications, technology and real estate sectors.

Keith Montgomery, Co-Founder, Token Architect & CTO
Keith is a Blockchain evangelist and serial entrepreneur who has had several successful company capital raises & exits (VC, PE, and Angel). He has co-founded Blockchain, Machine Learning, Cloud, and Enterprise Transformation companies. He also has played a key role in transformations at banks, fortune 500 companies such as Cisco, and is the creator the Sustainable Disruption Management Framework (SDMF)SM. Keith’s contribution and value is based upon a unique approach to solving problems. Keith currently holds the Vice-Chairmanship at CyberOi, is on the Advisory Board for Cyber Operational Intelligence Security, holds ownership of Cloudify Inc, and is a co-founder and major shareholder of Discovix.

John Livesay, Co-Founder, CMO
John Livesay is known as “The Pitch Whisperer.” He helps brands become magnetic storytellers with the ability to make irresistible offers to their ideal clients. As a keynote speaker, John has captivated audiences in settings ranging from Coldwell Banker to Coca-Cola’s CMO Summit. He is also the author of The Successful Pitch: Conversations On Going From Invisible To Investable and host of The Successful Pitch podcast, which is heard in over 60 countries, and regularly appears on TV (CBS, FOX and ABC). During a 20-year career in media sales with Conde Nast, John worked across all 22 brands in their corporate division, and was the recipient of salesperson of the year honors.

Gary Mancuso, Co-Founder, Director of Business Development
Gary is a high-level business development specialist and entrepreneur with a long career in finance, banking, investments and foreign exchange. Innovation has been Gary’s hallmark. After finishing his master’s degree, Gary headed business development in the foreign exchange trading room at Comerica Bank. There, he created an automated, cross-borders mass payments service. A game changer, it set the industry standard and achieved ten-years of consistent double-digit growth. Gary studied economics, physics, life sciences, cognitive science, database design and finance in university. He holds a BA in Economics, a Master’s Degree in International Political Economy from the University of Southern California, and has studied big data analysis at MIT and business disruption through Harvard HBX.

Dave Sterlitz, Co-Founder, Senior Shared Equity
Senior legal roles such as Managing Director and Chief Legal and Compliance Officer for nearly two decades at some of the largest financial institutions in the world, including MUFG Americas, HSBC and Wachovia Bank. An acknowledged expert in the field, Dave has been involved in the equity share revolution since its inception.

Board of Advisors

Brian Bailey, Advisor, Shared Equity Operations
Brian has over 20 years’ experience leading operations, product and technology teams at industry leaders like Capital One, HSBC, CoreLogic and Deloitte Consulting. Part of the executive team that originally brought equity share products to home finance.

Tom Cucinotta, Advisor, Shared Equity Operations
Over 20 years’ financial analytics experience in residential real estate, longevity products and consumer lending at MBNA America Bank (now Bank of America); KBC Financial Products, Pacifica Group.

David Moss, Advisor
Senior Vice President, Tech Operations at Block.One, responsible for the development, implementation and adoption of EOS. Blockchain Strategic Technology Advisor at Exceed.Team.

Tim Sanders, Advisor
Former Yahoo Chief Solutions Officer Tim Sanders was an early stage member of Mark Cuban and Todd Wagner’s He is a New York Times bestseller and helps organizations deal with change, become more agile and dramatically increase their effectiveness.

Enzo Villani, Advisor 

Managing Director, Transform Group and Chairman of Millennium Blockchain, Inc. (MBLC)  Los Angeles, CA. Enzo has over 25 years of high-impact strategy, brand, financial communications and merger and acquisition experience. Prior to Transform, he was CEO of and was Managing Director for the NASDAQ stock exchange.

Emily Bush, Advisor Entrepreneur & angel investor focused on disruptive businesses. Founded a boutique hotel & built a real estate tech brokerage company.  Worked at CBRE for the #1 brokerage team in the world. Sold +$1B worth of real estate in NYC. Advisor for Venture advisor at DNA, Brock Pierce’s ICO advisory firm. General Partner at Decentra Capital. B.S. Biomedical Engineering. Division 1 athlete. Bought her first bitcoin in 2014.

Freddie Ravel, Advisor Backed by number one hits and collaborative successes with GRAMMY-winning icons Madonna, Earth, Wind and Fire, Stevie Wonder, Prince and rock legend Carlos Santana, Freddie is the Founder of RhythmSmart – a peak performance program to enhance leadership, innovation and collaboration for entrepreneurs to major corporations alike. His media appearances include FOX, Google, CBS, Universal, Clear Channel and XM Sirius and his clients include IBM, Toyota, Red Bull, NASA, Apple, Blue Cross, Google and Citi.

Stephen Partridge-Hicks, Advisor
Co-founder of Gordian Knot, a London, Geneva and NY based asset management company that specializes in credit, fixed income and derivative markets. Previously at Citibank, and educated at Harvard Business School and London School of Economics.

Tom Braegelmann, Real Estate Advisor
Tom is a co-founder of and Fund Manager Secured Real Estate Income Strategies, He is an accomplished entrepreneur, fund manager and private lending mentor with 30+ year career in real estate investing, commercial construction, land development and private lending.

Charles Tralka, Real Estate Advisor
Chuck is a co-founder of and Fund Manager for Secured Real Estate Income Strategies, LLC. Formerly a high-technology executive for the past decade he has focused on real estate investing.

Robert Barr, Investment Advisor
Robert is Founder and President of Good Steward Capital Management, Inc. The Good Steward companies provide specialized services to the real estate and real estate financing industry including capital management, loan servicing, fund administration, and mortgage brokering.

Marty Tate, Legal Counsel, Advisor
Marty is focused on advising clients in the Blockchain, ICO, crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending space, with a particular focus on the JOBS Act, 506 offerings, intrastate offerings and Regulation A.

Scott Andersen, Legal and Compliance Counsel, Advisor
Scott Andersen is principal at Andersen, P.C., a securities regulatory and defense law firm and has broad experience with regulatory investigations and enforcement actions.


Legal Requirements
Tokens, the Blockchain and smart contracts are nascent technologies. The application of existing laws to new technologies is often unclear. The laws that may be implicated by the QUANTM.ONE Network and tokens are numerous given its worldwide reach. As a result, the legal and regulatory issues surrounding the QUANTM.ONE Network and tokens are complex and undefined at this time. As these issues are settled, modifications may need to be made to the QUANTM.ONE Network and QUANTM.ONE tokens to comply with applicable law.

Important Notice

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