Keith Montgomery, Co-Founder, CTO

Keith is a Blockchain evangelist and serial entrepreneur who has had several successful company capital raises & exits (VC, PE, and Angel). He has co-founded Blockchain, Machine Learning, Cloud, and Enterprise Transformation companies. He also has played a key role in transformations at banks, fortune 500 companies such as Cisco, and is the creator the Sustainable Disruption Management Framework (SDMF)SM. Keith’s contribution and value is based upon a unique approach to solving problems.  By employing a mathematician’s and linguist’s mind to business problems he is able to convey vision across value chains, assembling and leading technology teams.  His entrepreneurial spirit is complemented with the steady hand of governance and systems thinking. Keith currently holds the Vice-Chairmanship at CyberOi, is on the Advisory Board for Cyber Operational Intelligence Security, holds ownership of CloudifyInc, and is a co-founder and major shareholder of Discovix.