Gary Mancuso, Co-Founder, Director of Business Development

Gary is a high level business development specialist and entrepreneur with a long career in finance, banking, investments and foreign exchange. Innovation has been Gary’s hallmark. After finishing his master’s degree, Gary headed business development in the trading room at Comerica Bank. There, he created a game changing automated, cross-borders mass payments service. A game changer, it set the industry standard and achieved ten-years of consistent double-digit growth.

Gary studied economics, physics, life sciences, cognitive science, database design and finance in university. He holds a BA in Economics, a Master’s Degree in International Political Economy from the University of Southern California, and has studied big data analysis at MIT and business disruption through Harvard HBX.

A passionate traveler, in late 2005 Gary embarked on a self-funded six-year expedition into many of the world’s last intact cultures and great wildernesses. This unique story is recounted in his highly-acclaimed book, “The Last Places on Earth: Journeys in Our Disappearing World”, which will soon be in its third printing